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My staff and I at City Raccoon are committed to finding the very best penny stocks to watch for our subscribers.

We pay close attention to the small-cap market and specialize in finding potentially explosive penny stock alerts trading under $5.

The reason we focus on low-priced stocks is because these stock tend to get bigger percentage gains when they move.

A stock trading at $100 only gains 1% when it moves up a dollar, but a stock trading at $1 racks up 100%.

How do we find these low-priced stocks with tremendous upside potential you ask?

We use a proprietary screening strategy which takes into account a stock's trading history, news and momentum.

We have delivered countless winners to our free subscribers, but don't just take our word for it. Sign up FREE and see for yourself the best penny stocks.

As a reminder:
Penny stocks are inherently risky and should only be attempted by savvy individuals. Always do your own due diligence and seek advice of financial professionals.

Subscriber Comments
"I have gain every day with it. I own 10,000 shares of this stock."
- Cameron Fous Alerts
"The best things in life are free."
- J. Leroy
"**** looks good, Thanks for the tip.....Thank you."
- B. Savage
"Great job on your list of penny stocks to watch! I've been following and trading your picks for a while now with great success."
- W. Wilson
"Thank you for sending me your reports."
- L. Bush
"This can easily move with the right attention given to it. Can be an easy double."
- C. Vallos
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